Spellbinders is a real-time mobile PvP game

Developed in collaboration with Kiloo

Spellbinders is a mobile Player versus Player (PvP) strategy game - and the result of a close cooperation with Kiloo.

The game is in the genre of MOBA (Mulitplayer Online Battle Arena) and in short, the game invites you and your opponent to an intriguing lane-based battlefield. As a player (or Spellbinder that is), you control the battlefield by choosing a Titan, rallying an army of minions and casting spells. You’ll try to lead your Titan and army to victory with the necessary spells and take part in short and intense strategy bursts. The very centre of the game’s core experience is social – a very conscious choice!

At Funday Factory, we strongly believe that the future of gaming lies in truly social experiences, whether it be online battles, co-operations, async multiplayers or whatever floats your boat. Social games create natural retention and engagement for players and offer plain old competitive (or co-operative) fun with friends.

The entire game is developed in 3D and because the game throws a lot of action at the player, readability has been key for the visual design. For instance, this has meant a strict control with colours and values, simple shapes and designs.

Funday Factory was a top-of-the-line partner. Creative, communicative, structured and skilled in all aspects of game production. I give them my best recommendations.

Jeppe Bisgaard, Vice President Production, KILOO

When working together on a co-production of this size, it has been essential to have a shared vision of the target, a close and ongoing dialogue with our co-production partner - in this case Kiloo - and a platform to support all phases of the production. For that reason, we used Unity as a shared platform because it provides the flexibility needed when working across different professions and processes from prototyping to production and long tail update cycles.

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Join us behind the scenes of Spellbinders

Meet Art Director Bo Mathorne and CCO Anders Leicht Rohde and hear their thoughts about art and prototyping for Spellbinders.

Behind the scenes of Spellbinders - Art and Prototyping

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Published: 28/04-2016