Ahoy there matey!

The Scallywags have plundered your swag! Show those scurvy dogs who the real pirate is!

Aim your cannon and fire down the thieving Scallywags to reclaim your stolen swag. Shoot them quickly before they bounce away with your precious treasure, but remember to dodge their cannon balls.

You must captain your ship all across the world from the cozy Blue Oyster in Ocean World to the Firefall Gully and the Glittering Caves. Beware of the greater threats roaming the seas; Bob the Kraken was spotted with a treasure chest full of swag.

Scallywags features:
- Sail around five different worlds - beat the 21 levels and the five bosses!
- Shoot the Scallywags before they bounce away!
- Choose between ten different ships - and a bathtub!
- Upgrade your cannon to make it a deadly Scallywag destroyer!
- Spend your swag on lethal powerups, ships and cannon upgrades!
- Compete with your friends and scallywackers around the world for the highest score!

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