Pyrus' Alletiders Juleræs

Christmas Calendar Game of 2014

Pyrus' Alletiders Juleræs is Danish TV2's family advent calendar in 2014. The app works with the physical advent calendar that can be bought in stores. When the app is used with an iPhone, iPad or Android device, the digital calendar door can be opened. Behind the door you can meet the elves Pyrus and Kandis who takes you on an adventure in the month leading up to Christmas. Every day leading up to Christmas, a new calendar door will reveal a new rule to the board game or a funny story.

The app used a technology called augmented reality.

Pyrus' Alletiders Juleræs features:
- 24 doors and daily adventures with Pyrus and Kandis
- Christmas snenanigans in 3D
- Fly Pyrus through the National Archives on his broom
- Try the quiz and win movie tickets with your friends

The app works without the calendar, but you will need it to access the full set of features.