Branding LEGO® DC Mighty Micros on mobile platforms

Bring your favorite DC Comics character to live on iOS or Android.

LEGO® DC Mighty Micros was a blast to work on! The game brings an amazing lineup of well-known characters to a new and younger generation of players. The game is a nice mix of fast-paced racing-and-brick-collecting gameplay, with lair-building and cool stunts!

While creating Mighty Micros it was clear from the start that we needed to develop a game that emphasized the whacky (but still super cool) tone of voice that the awesome LEGO® cars and characters already had, while allowing players to build their own stories. And as with all of the LEGO® projects, this needed to work as a great play-starter for kids. The core of the game is powered by the Conflict Machine which allows kids to mix and match characters and heroes, choose between different environments and to guide the story that is being told in the game.


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