Expanding the play of beads to a mobile platform

HAMA beads on the go with iOS and Android

HAMA Universe expands the possibilities of play with beads to a digital platform making it possible to play with beads on-the-go. Playing with beads in the car or on the couch has proved to be quite a challenge – but that’s all in the past. Alongside the world leading bead manufacturer Hama, Funday Factory has developed an app that allows beads and pegboards to be enjoyed on the go. Hama Universe acts as a digital extension of the traditional, physical products – and it is Hama’s very first digital product.

In the making of Hama Universe, Funday Factory’s finest job was to ensure that Hama stayed true to their core products: Beads, patterns and pegboards. Hama Universe thus digitises Hama’s colourful bead play and lets kids explore three adventurous islands: One with plundering pirates, another with pretty princesses and a third where a cuckoo circus sets the scene.

You can choose to either recreate classical Hama patterns on the exciting islands or you can let your imagination run wild and combine shapes and colours as you see fit.

The app offers a colourful universe where memory and fine motor skills are challenged when beads are placed and patterns reconstructed. Hama Universe supports constructive play and strengthens concentration, creative skills and the desire to create.

Hama Universe allows you to:

- Let your creativity flourish and make your own designs
- Recreate classical Hama patterns
- Iron your masterpieces
- Save your ironed work in your personal gallery
- Strengthen your concentration and memory

Bead away!


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