Butterfly Sky

The endless butterfly butt-bouncer

Time your jumps and landings using one-touch controls to collect butterflies. Collect and upgrade four handy power-ups while jumping across a cloud-filled sky. Upgrade your clothing, your house, and even your power-ups using your hard-earned butterflies. And don't forget to level up your character for bigger bonuses and score multipliers! 

Butterfly Sky features:
- Easy to learn one-touch gameplay.
- Four upgradeable power-ups including the Helpful Bird, the Rocket, the Butterfly Magnet, and the x2 Multiplier!
- Twenty-seven in-game missions, 10 character level-ups, and 35 unique achievements.
- Visit Butterfly Heaven and catch all the butterflies for a big point bonus.
- Collect gems to use the "Save Me" function and keep playing, even when you miss a jump.
- Customize your clothing, the house you live in, and your buddy, the Whale.
- Perfect the art of cloud jumping to earn massive bonuses.
- Collect the 20 rare butterflies and get your score multiplier sky-high.
- Stay connected with Chartboost, Vungle and Kiip integration
- Compete for high scores on leaderboards, and send your friends gems!

"The first thing that welcomes us, when we start the app, are colorful figurines and very sharp eyes. Visually the game pulls all the way and many gamers have already lost over half their hearts." -Game4me

"Butterfly Sky conjures fond memories of the smoothness of controls and physics found in Tiny Wings along with the robust experience that is…drum roll please… Jet-pack Joyride." -AppStore Arcade

"It sounds par for the Endless Runner course and it is, but the unique art style, great animation and presentation help to set it apart...this freemium game is well worth a try." -App Gamer