Test on your target audience

Through years of developing engaging games, we know the value of prototyping and testing. Prototyping and testing are the best way for us to test the vision of the gameplay - and for you to feel the game concept in your hands. Also, prototyping and testing allow us to gain in-depth knowledge of the users: Their play patterns, behavior, cognitive and physical abilities. Most importantly prototyping helps us to identify what your (potential) customers believe to be fun.

Depending on what we want to test and which audience we are testing on, we build selected parts of the game using grey box or high fidelity prototypes.

Prototyping ideas at an early stage helps us shorten the production phase and make it cost effective and secure an often tight deadline. Basically, we reduce risk and optimise the chances for success. Being able to play parts of a game, get a visual idea, test UX and UI solutions etc. helps us to sharpen the concept and prove the vision of the game. We involve artists, programmers and game designers in the development of a prototype in order to make it as close to the envisioned game concept as possible.

Branded games

Two types of prototyping services

We offer you two types of approaches to prototyping depending on where your idea or project is:

  • 1) Ideation, prototyping and testing as a structured funneled game development process. Here, we take you from ideation phase through conceptualisation to final product

  • 2) Prototyping as the sole purpose of our partnership. Here, you have the idea and concept figured out, but you need help proving the concept and gameplay.

No matter what kind of prototyping or test needs you have, we’re ready to help you design the right process for you, your product and your business.

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