Joining forces to make engaging games

We engage in collaborations and partnerships. Strong partnerships and a meeting of minds can result in strikingly engaging games. In any co-production setup, we offer our partners a deep understanding of both brands and IPs - and deliver outstanding creative quality and craftsmanship.

You might be a publisher, IP-owner, game developer or something fourth: But what you have in common is a need to join forces with a games studio that is able to take your idea, concept or product to the next level. Through years of experience, we have become specialists in all aspect of game development: From ideation through concept development to final product and launch - and we’re eager to help you and your product reach millions of users.

Partnerships & Co-productions

When you partner up with Funday Factory, we share risks, challenges and creative headaches from day 1 - but most importantly, we share successes and upsides in the long run. With experience from several co-production partners, we have created games in a wide range of genres such as MOBA, Platformers and Puzzle Games - reaching from kids and casual all the way to core players.

Depending on the stage your idea or product is at, we use our Process of Awesomeness to maximise value and minimise risk. Process of Awesomeness is user-centric at its core and ensures creative value that astonish users around the globe.

Looking for a forceful partner?

Considering a partnership on your next game development? Set up a meeting with Kristian to discuss the possibilities of collaborating with Funday Factory.

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