Creating a strong game concept that supports your strategy

Want to engage and entertain your target audience with a game for mobile platforms? Then you need the right game concept. The concept is vital to the further game development process as it outlines the overall gameplay, the artistic direction and key features & mechanics. It provides developers, artists and designers with the baseline needed to create just the right game to reach your target audience in the best possible way and generate revenue streams.

And in order to do that, it is vital that the game concept is integrated in your overall strategy - and just as important that the concept’s style and tone support your brand, vision and target audience.

Game Concept Creation

Uncovering the big why

To make sure that the game concept fits your overall strategy, we put a lot of effort into understanding the big why. Why do you need a game and for what purpose? We need to know WHY in order to understand the purpose of the game to ensure the highest possible value. There can be many reasons to include a game in the strategic portfolio that influence what the concept should center around: A desire to conquer new markets, strengthen brand awareness, expand your product’s play opportunities, generate new revenue streams, reach new target groups and many more.

Once we have the big why in place, the concept development continues by conducting extensive research and hosting co-creation workshops including both partner, Funday Factory - and most importantly users. During this phase of the concept development, the conceptual tone of voice and visual style begin to take shape. Based on knowledge about your target audience, market situation, desired goals and input from the co-creation workshop, we design a game concept including gameplay, key features, mechanics, visual style and tone - and a long term plan for retaining and engaging your audience.

Choosing the right mobile game genre

Besides the above, we’ll also uncover the right genre for the mobile game in question. Based on practical experience with a wide range of mobile game genres and extensive knowledge of the possibilities and market trends, we’ll help you decide on the right direction. The possibilities are many - and so are the genres, but no matter the genre, we are able to create visually striking and engaging games that speak to your users.

So whether we are speaking of the genre of role playing games, action games such as platformers or shooters, strategy games, MMOs, puzzles, trivia games or one of the other many game genres, we are your go-to partner.

Monetising the mobile game

When developing the game concept, we we will also help you define and implement the most suitable monetisation setup. Should it be premium, freemium, subscription based - or entirely free to play? Knowing your goals, target audience and the trends and tendencies of the global app stores, we’ll incorporate the most beneficial monetisation setup to increase the odds of success.

Age-appropriate design -  no matter the age

We are specialists when it comes to creating age-appropriate game design. So no matter who your target group is, we know how to analyse their needs and design great experiences for them. Due to extensive knowledge of age-appropriate design and years of experience, we know that there are great differences between the cognitive and physical capabilities of a toddler and a pre-schooler, a primary schooler and a tween and so on, and we use that knowledge to develop engaging games that cater to the user’s needs.

Who can benefit from game concept creation?

Whether your business is big or small, experienced or inexperienced, we engage and work with anyone who considers games as part of their strategy.

We offer different partnerships depending on what you are looking for. Maybe you already know that you want a game and how it should look and feel. Or maybe you are still considering how and if a game could be beneficial in reaching your goals and need help to conceptualize and visualize an idea. Either way, we can help you.

What is the right game concept for you?

We are eager to help you create the right game concept for your business strategy. Set up a meeting with Kristian to discuss how to get started.

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