Develop new play experiences

Connected toys exploit the best of physical and digital play by combining a physical product with digital features to raise the bar for fun and engagement.

When combining the physical toy with carefully selected digital components, the possibility of expanding the play experience and play value steeply rises. Among many other benefits, digital features:

  • Create new play opportunities
  • Help facilitate play experiences
  • Bring physical toys to life
  • Make it possible to scale play
Hybrid products

Are connected toys for you?

A connected toy project has one of two points of departure - both of them with the aim of increasing sales:

1) Either, you have an existing product that has great potential of going digital

2) or you have an idea or a desire to develop a new product that combines physical and digital play features.

Let’s start with the first scenario. You are a toy manufacturer and have built a profitable business on selling physical toys that create joyful and memorable experiences for kids around the globe - and now you’re ready to expand into a digital genre. By developing hybrid products, we can help you and your brand enter the digital scene with a solution that stays true to your product, values and visions - while welcoming it to the digital landscape and reigniting your target group.

Moving on to the second scenario: You have an idea of a product that combines a physical product with digital features. Through our Process of Awesomeness, we can help you bring your idea from the ideation stage through conceptualisation and prototyping and into production and launch.

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