Engage your customers

A branded game can take many shapes depending on how you want your customer to engage with your product or brand. You can use a branded game to communicate play values, introduce and tease new products, strengthen and expand existing universes, test ideas and demands for new products, and much more.

A mobile game offers your customers a brand space they can enter whenever they want and offers a digital platform for you to communicate and interact with your customer (or potential customer).

The possibilities are many, and we will help you choose a direction that suits your business strategy and brand.

Branded games

Why consider a branded game?

The reasons for considering branded games as part of your marketing strategy are many. Fact is that people’s ownership of digital devices keep rising and time spent on classic TV viewing (and commercials) is decreasing. Today’s consumers expect to have the power to choose what they want to engage in and when they want to do it. Something that mobile games honour very well.

An engaging and entertaining game blurs the line between marketing and entertainment creating a more absorbing brand space. And the more compelling the game is the more time your customer will spend engaging with your product and brand - leading to vital retention and brand awareness with the aim of increasing sales numbers.

From a sales and marketing point of view, a branded game can serve as a perfect tool to provide you with knowledge about your customers while offering them a greater knowledge about your products and a desire for more both digitally and physically.

Considering a branded game?

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