Creating a digital strategy that helps you reach your goals

Before you start considering a mobile game, you need to have your digital strategy in place. A such strategy is essential when pointing out a company’s, brand’s or product’s direction. It might show you that a mobile game is the optimal solution for you - or it might show you should focus on another digital platform. But having the strategy is key as it gives you the means to reach your goals.

So - what is a digital strategy? According to Forrester, a digital strategy is the why, who, how and what of listening and responding to consumers, bridging brand experiences, iterating offerings, and collecting and activating consumer relationships in order to reach an actionable and measurable objective.

If you question whether or not you are headed in the right direction with your company, brand or product - Funday Factory is your go to partner. Through a step-by-step, proven process where we conduct extensive desktop and field research and host co-creation workshops including both client and Funday Factory, we will help you define the digital strategy that makes your goals attainable.

Digital Strategy

Developing the digital strategy

Through an insight and research phase and joint workshop, we go through the following five steps to develop a clear digital strategy for you.

  • Mission. Here, in collaboration with you, we find the answer to the question: What are we trying to achieve - for whom and why?
  • Business objective. Here, we define the overall business goals. Without them, a strategy is needless. Goals have to be SMART: Specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely.
  • Final digital goal. Here, we move from analytic and intuitive insights to a digital goal.
  • Strategic direction. Here, we develop the strategy and set the direction. We define the glue that combines the digital goal with the business objective.
  • Tactics. Here, we make an action plan of how to get there. Tactics are what makes the strategy more than an idea or pretty flowcharts. Tactics make the strategy come to life.

With the above process, we will help you develop a strategy that leads to bottom-line results. However, it is key to remember that a plan is often more simple than reality. Throughout any process, we deviate from the plan according to real world insights, changes, iterations and adaptations. Anything we create in the digital world is open for measurement, learning and ultimative iteration. Nothing is finished and nothing is final.

No matter where you are in the work with digital strategies or what your goal might be, we are ready to help you out. Whether your desire is to conquer new markets, strengthen brand awareness, expand your product’s play opportunities, generate new revenue streams or reach new target groups, we will make it clear how to meet those goals that otherwise seem unattainable.

Ready to enter the digital stage?

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