Creating a concept that supports your strategy

No matter what you want to achieve with your game, it is vital that it is integrated in your overall strategy - and just as important that the concept, style and tone support your brand.

When working with us, you will experience that we take the time needed to define the big WHY. Why do you need a game? We need to know WHY in order to understand the purpose of the game to ensure the highest possible value. There can be many reasons to include games in your overall strategy: A desire to conquer new markets, strengthen brand awareness, expand your product’s play opportunities, generate new revenue streams, reach new target groups and many more.

Once we have the big why at place, the concept development continues by conducting extensive research and hosting co-creation workshops including both client, Funday Factory - and users. During this phase of the concept development, the conceptual tone of voice and visual style begin to take shape. Based on knowledge about your target audience, market situation, desired goals and input from the co-creation workshop, we design a game concept including game play, visual style and tone - and a long term plan for retaining and engaging your audience.

Concept & strategy development

Who can benefit from concept & strategy development?

Whether your business is big or small, experienced or inexperienced, we engage and work with anyone who considers games as part of their strategy.

We offer different partnerships depending on what you are looking for. Maybe you already know that you want a game and how it is meant to support your strategy. Or maybe you are still considering how and if a game should be part of your strategy and need help to conceptualize and visualize an idea. Either way, we can help you!

We have developed concept workshops which allows us to kickstart concept development on three different levels thereby offering you three different outputs (naturally, at three different budget frames). All three solutions result in you receiving a game concept and the freedom to take it to production when and how you find best.

Ready to enter the digital stage?

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