Get to know Thor

If you could choose one superpower - what would it be?
Teleportation is really tempting! I am a bit like a hobbit, people might take me along on unexpected journeys, but I will always return to my home - home is best. Though, I would probably go for immortality if that counts as a superpower? The idea of living through all the ages, experience everything, write books under different pseudonyms and also get to witness the end of it all, have always fascinated me. To be the ultimate storyteller! 

You are left alone on a deserted island - what do you bring?
My laptop, my super secret book notes and a headset. It's just plug and write from there on out! Time to finally catch up with all my book ideas and fantastic worlds that needs to be realized. This could take quite some time, well unless my laptop runs out of power ... Then I would carve the stories into the island itself until someone reads it from the sky and saves me. 

If you were a game character, who would you be?
To be honest, probably Harth Stonebrew; the dwarven Innkeeper from Hearthstone ... You know the friendly host who is always like: "Pull up a chair by the hearth!" and "Ohohoho - it's good to see you again!". Except I would be changing the tavern to also include regular D&D-campaigns and other card games than Hearthstone. Dwarven ale, D&D and card games ... oh, and as a dwarf I could grow a full beard!