Preben Thaysen

Get to know Preben

If you were a game character, who would you be?
Razputin from Psychonauts. I could become invisible, levitate and all kinds of cool stuff.

But most importantly, I would be able to go inside other peoples mind and explore how quirky, weird or bizarre people really are.

You are left alone on a deserted island - what do you bring?
My pillow. All kinds of things gets better after a good nights sleep, and a good pillow is essential to sleep well. And without a good nights sleep, I could get a sore neck, which could lead to a headache or something even worse. I could of cause bring some painkillers instead of a pillow, but after some time I'd run out of painkillers, and then what?

It's not like you run out of pillow.

Who would play you in a movie?
John C. McGinley