Get to know Nina

If you could choose one superpower - what would it be?
That’s tricky! I want them all. Actually, I just want the super power that makes my application for the Avengers team go through. Maybe some sort of healing power? I would become quite irreplaceable.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Regret waking up. I’m just joking. But when it’s dark outside, and my bed is holding me against my will, waking up seems quite uphill. Okay - seriously, the first thing I do is to check if someone magically made me pancakes.

What is your favorite game and why?
My favorite game has to be Cossacks - a medieval warfare kind of game. I like the concept of building up and managing my own village and making sure that nobody dies of starvation (that really, really sucks). If there’s not enough time for epic battles in Cossacks, I can always appreciate a good game of Worms. They’re just too cute. Violent, but cute.