Get to know Marc!

What is your favorite game and why? 
Out of all of the thousands of games I've played, I simply can't pick a single favorite, to stand above the rest. I can however talk about 3 different games, that all had quite an impact on me.

Super Mario 64:
There are so many fantastic 3D platformers to choose from, it's almost impossible. However Super Mario 64 was probably the first 3D game that I found truly magical. I think the main reason is the hubworld, Peaches Castle. There were so many secrets to find, and getting to the different levels weren't always straightforward, which made it incredibly enjoyable to explore. You never knew what you'd find, and even after collecting all 120 stars, it still felt like there might be some secrets left. I've returned to this game many times over, and playing it is always just plain fun. I might be one of the only people nowadays, who don't think the controls are clunky. The camera however...

Journey is an amazing experience of a game. No combat, not really any enemies, no real failstat, just one amazing journey through a beautiful, haunting and intriguing world. 
It came out during a troubling time in my life, and the (mostly) peaceful world of journey, helped me a great deal. There's one part in particular, which I very fondly remember. You're surfing along through the sand, when the camera suddenly pans to the side, showing a breathtaking view of a ruined cityscape. As the camera turns, the sun bathes everything in a deep amber light, making every grain of sand shimmer like gold, the sand dunes now looking like immaculate treasure hoards. If a scene has ever sent chills down my spine, it's this one, and my textual description does not do it justice.


Persona 4 Golden:
Persona 5 is straight up just a better game, but P4G was my first foray into the Persona series, and therefore holds a special place in my heart. I still remember coming across it on the PSVita's eshop for 40 DKK (which was a steal!), and having heard only good things about the series, I bought it on a whim. Not many games have consumed a week of my life like Persona 4 Golden did. Every waking hour I played the game, only leaving it to eat or sleep. It was an amazing experience that I look back at fondly. Don't know if I'll ever have the time to do something like that again.

You are left alone on a deserted island - what do you bring? 
A woodcutter's axe, a survival knife, a firesteel and a spool of some string or thread.


What was the last book you read?
It's been a while since I last read, but I believe the last thing I was reading was Lovecraft's Complete collection. Not finished with that one yet though.
And I also have Bram Stoker's Dracula on my shelf, waiting for me to find the time.