Get to know Kristian

If you could choose one super power - what would it be?
I feel like whatever power I pick there would be a Catch. Like if I could fly I could only fly 5 feet off the ground. I'd go with telekinesis tho so I could be lazy all day. But with my luck I'm sure it would be kind of telekinesis were there would be a small weight limit to what I could lift :-D

What would you do on a day off? 
I tend to sit down and do more 3D. A lot of Zbrush sculpting.
What is your favorite game and why?
Dungeons & Dragons because it's one of the best games and hobbies you can have in my opinion. It has something for everyone, it can be a creative outlet, it's great for improv and even a therapeutic tool for some people. It’s really just a wholesome game where the main goal is that everyone has a good time.