Get to know Kasper

If you could choose one super power – what would it be?
I'm a fan of finding loopholes, and the obvious loophole here is going for super speed. With limitless speed you practically have the powers of flight, teleportation, invisibility and freezing time alltogether. Plus you can code REAL fast.

What's your favorite game and why? 
It really really depends on what defines favorite. Some games like portal or half-life 2 are amazing games, that I've only ever offered a one or two playthroughs. Other games like World of Warcraft have me coming back again and again, while not really doing as much to impress me. Currently I spend my gaming time on hearthstone, which I guess falls short of all the previous in a lot of ways. But it's easy, cozy and a decent game to watch and talk about with my kids as well. As for board games, at home we have a bunch of comers-and-goers, but good ol' UNO has lasted through them all and continues to offer replayability beyond any other. And I'm proud to say that in the two, year-long tournaments we've held, I've placed in the top 4 (out of 4) both times!
What would you do on a day off?
Most likely gardening or if I'm feeling adventurous: taking a trip to the forest or the ocean. Both places are varied and amazing all year round and offers different experiences depending on the particular location and the season.