Get to know Jan

What was the last book you read?
The Martian by Andy Weir - and I actually read it before the lukewarm movie adaptation by Ridley Scott came out. I am very much into the concept of science empowering humanity, and this novel makes a solid point in that regard. For me, science is equally fact, magic and sexiness.

You are left alone on a deserted island – what do you bring?
I would bring a dentist and his tools. Dental problems are one of the things the human body can´t handle on its own, and it could very likely cripple you with pain. Just watch the movies Castaway and The Beach to see what I mean. Urgh!

If you were to make your own game – what would you name it?
I’ve actually been making my own game for some time now with a couple of good friends. The game is named “Over The Top”. It is a semi-casual turn based tactical trench building board game set in the First World War. We´ve been at it for over a year, but the meeting schedule is pretty erratic so there is still a long way to go.