Get to know Emil

If you were a game character, who would you be?
BMO from Adventure Time is awesome! But I guess technically she's not really from a game? If I can't be her, I'd definitely be Deckard Cain from Diablo; I would ask players to stay awhile and watch Youtube videos -- all the time. I'd have side-quests like "Epic Sax Guy Marathon - Watch all 10 hours!" and "Double Rainbows Forever", forcing unsuspecting players to venture into the deepest, dankest parts of Youtube!


What is your favourite game and why?
I try to play as many games as I can - but Ialways seem to come back to Counter Strike and FTL. I also play a lot of Mario Kart on the Wii U with my 3-year old daughter! My favourite mobile game has to be Spaceteam! It's an amazing game to play with strangers, and allows you to yell at people you barely know. 
As for board games, I'm in love with King of Tokyo, Ticket to Ride and Cards Against Humanity!


What was the last book you read?
Philip K. Dick - Short stories. I'm a sucker for all things science fiction. Depending on my mood, I can go for both utopian and dystopian. I also like some of H.P. Lovecraft's later stuff. I'm secretly super ashamed for not having read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy yet - but don't tell anyone!