Get to know Emil!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Hiss at my alarm and hit snooze, and then snooze again... and then probably one last time for good measure.

If you could choose one super power - what would it be?
I remember playing games with cheat codes like infinite money or health when I was a kid, and the games then always became boring once they got too easy. I'd wager the same would happen in real life, so I wouldn't really want any super powers... maybe heat-vision to keep the coffee warm.

What is your favorite game and why?
I think the title has to go to the Dark Souls series, perhaps mostly Dark Souls 3. The game will suck you into its world with a million questions without ever forcing the story on you. Also once you beat your first boss, you get addicted to the sense of victory it gives you.