Get to know Daniel

If you could choose one super power - what would it be?
Object Duplication. I could solve world hunger. Pull off a lot of good pranks. Ups did I just push your very unique Mac Book out of the window?  There will always be enough controllers. It would be easy to make backups, even of myself. But most importantly of all there will be no more running out of snacks ever!

What is your favorite game and why?
Stay awhile and listen!
I grew up playing Diablo 2 and it will forever be my go to game. It still holds its own 20 years later and it is the inspiration for my career and many modern games. The mystery and adventure still grips me today just thinking of it. Also cow level.
What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
Every morning I get up at 05:00 and eat a healthy balanced breakfast and go for a 20 km run before feeding the homeless and saving a lot of cats from trees. But when I realize it was just a dream, I hit snooze.