Get to know Blake!

What is your favourite game and why?
“Magic: The Gathering” would probably be my favourite game of all time, as it's a game I've repeatedly returned to most of my life ever since my childhood. I've only ever played it casually and never done well in tournaments, but it's one of my favorite things to break out on the kitchen table with a couple of friends. If only I was smarter as a teenager and hadn't traded my collection for an Xbox...


What was the last book you read?
3001: The Final Odyssey - the last in the Space Odyssey series of novels. I'm a huge fan of Arthur C. Clarke and hard science fiction as a genre, as pretentious as that sounds. The technical details of space, and the endless possibilities of the universe have always fascinated me.


Who would play you in a movie?
Bruce Lee in his prime. No other actor would be able to portray my strength and swiftness.