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Kit is a Producer and simply a bundle of positive energy. She has previously studied art history and digital design where her passion for aesthetics and design thinking was kindled. No matter how many balls are in the air, Kit always manages to keep a focused eye on the full picture. Kit finds her motivation in working with teams of super skilled people and finds great pleasure in approaching the workday combining analyses, reflection and strategic methods.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
First, I wonder if this is the day my superpower of invisibility will start to show… or not to show...
Second, I lie still and listen if the birds are tweeting. If they do, I convince myself that the sun is shining, and the day is just out there sparkling with unexplored adventures. If they don't, I still convince myself that the sun is shining and both the birds and I will discover that in just a moment, when we enter the daily adventures.


You are left alone on a deserted island - what do you bring?
My first thought was to bring a ball, but who would I play with, and how would I survive on the island all alone? So on second thought, I would bring Tom Hanks, because he has been there before and would both be able to help me survive and play the ball with me. And if he is unavailable, I would probably go for Robinson Crusoe hoping he could secure my survival - pretty much based on the same arguments. Or maybe the 1990s Windows screen saver, Johnny Castaway, would be the help I needed...


If you were a game character, who would you be?
I usually let myself get totally caught up in a game and identify myself 100 % with the character. So back in the 80s, I were one of the Giana sisters - Giana or Maria - the one with the coolest haircut! In the 90s, I changed into one of the plumber brothers. Then I had a period when my game alias was Yoshimitsu - because of the cool name and the jumping on the magic sword trick (Awesome!). These days, my character is a small and unfortunately crying viking most of the time.

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