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As an animator, Jane makes characters in games come to life. She’s experienced in creating a visual language that’s engaging for the player. She likes to create the personality of a character, decide who it is, how it moves and then make it come to life. She’s also working with concepts to character design and she’s the go to woman when it comes to 3D animation in Maya. She’s passionate about mixed media and tactile visual expression.

What is your favourite game and why?
Master Labyrinth is my favorite board game. It's very nostalgic, simple and fun with good friends and wine. 

You are left alone on a deserted island - what do you bring?
I would bring my water colours and brushes. I would probably not survive for that long, but then at least I would be happy and make pretty things.

What was the last book you read?
My last book I read was Big Magic. Talking about how we live and surround ourselves with creativity. I find the subject very interesting and it's like looking into others sketchbooks, there is so much inspiration to find.

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