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Jan is an artist at Funday Factory and with many years of experience, he has built up broad knowledge of procedural material pipelines, IBL and PBR workflows, ultra high 3D model creation, mocap retargeting and Megascans integration - just to name a few. He has a keen interest in art pipeline structure and optimisation, and he’s always working to push the boundaries of 3D on mobile platforms.

What was the last book you read?
The Martian by Andy Weir - and I actually read it before the lukewarm movie adaptation by Ridley Scott came out. I am very much into the concept of science empowering humanity, and this novel makes a solid point in that regard. For me, science is equally fact, magic and sexiness.

You are left alone on a deserted island – what do you bring?
I would bring a dentist and his tools. Dental problems are one of the things the human body can´t handle on its own, and it could very likely cripple you with pain. Just watch the movies Castaway and The Beach to see what I mean. Urgh!

If you were to make your own game – what would you name it?
I’ve actually been making my own game for some time now with a couple of good friends. The game is named “Over The Top”. It is a semi-casual turn based tactical trench building board game set in the First World War. We´ve been at it for over a year, but the meeting schedule is pretty erratic so there is still a long way to go.

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Jan Roed Thastum
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