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As a 3D Artist, Allan’s skillset makes him able to create a wide variety of different art, be it characters, creatures, environments or visual effects. With his unique ability of combining his creative talents with his structured mindset, he excels at creating art for mobile devices, focusing on optimisation and reusability.

If you were a game character, who would you be?
I think I mostly relate to Bowser, always trying to put the princess in another castle.. If you know what I mean. Also the scales and firebreathing.

Who would play you in a movie?
Nick Offerman. His frown is the only one that comes close to what I pull off on a regular basis. Also his love for bacon.
If you could choose one super power - what would it be?
The power of teleportation has always fascinated me. The amount of befordringsfradrag I could get with that power is limitless!!!!

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Allan Lønskov
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