Flippin’ Fun Retro Racing

Stunt Bike 360 is a simple but addictive retro race game made alongside the good people of JoyPac.

Remember classic bike racing games from the 90’s like Road Rash, Moto Racer and Excite Bike? Those are the kind of games that inspired us to develop Stunt Bike 360 - a classic dirt bike race game that’s all about revving, spinning and winning.

Race through the endless desert and feel the thrill of flying through thin air. Perform stunts midair to gain extra speed and leave your opponents in the dust. Upgrade your bike to take on tougher challenges and unlock new good-looking rides and characters.

Release Date:

July 2019


Early Access on Google Play
Available on iOS

Regular Price:

Free with in-app purchases

From Prototype to Publishing

The production of Stunt Bike 360 went from 0 to 100 really fast - identifying a prototype with great gameplay mechanics, getting an MVP out for market testing, and finishing development within a span of just about three months.

Today, the market dictates even more whether a game is going to be a success or not, simply because there is so much content to choose from. Even with smaller productions, it can be a challenge to make sure that you stand a fighting chance with all the other players in the marketspace.

Testing the Waters

To minimise the risk of drowning in the overflooded marketspace, the Stunt Bike 360 team wanted to test what the conditions were for a casual bike flipping arcade game before committing too many resources to the project. Hence, we decided on an MVP that showed just enough to the player for the game to be interesting but wouldn’t be able to keep engagement for more than a few days.

Within a month we had a test candidate that was put on the market and tested with both the Western and Eastern markets in mind. The results were promising with engagement, retention, CPI and IPM having great numbers.


A Case to Work By

The promising test data led us to move into actual production and by spending another 2 months, we were able to launch a full fleshed game, in collaboration with JoyPac, with actual data to back up the resources put into the project. Does this mean that a game will always be a success if the test numbers are promising? No! The players might have a different reaction when they experience the full fleshed game, the game itself might have changed along the way, and the trends could be all pirates rather than bikes.

Stunt Bike 360 is a great case example of a quick reaction to initial market and retention tests. The mobile games industry is moving so fast on so many levels so nothing is a certainty. But even if this is true, working with a fast to market validation approach helps to get an indication of what to expect or what to improve and we are going to improve on this approach continuously now that we have experienced the benefits.


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Partner & COO

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