How far down the mountain can you get?

Shred the gnar with your Bitmoji and enjoy the chilling ride down the slopes filled with obstacles and crazy hazards!

It's time to release your inner Bitmoji trickster! In Snow Time, you race down the snowy mountains competing against your friends on the leaderboard to become the next board champion. Not only will you have to land that tailgrab, you’ll also have to remain steady as the ride is not without challenges!

To avoid obstacles and crazy hazards while staying on the board, you have to drag your fingers across the screen moving your Bitmoji out of danger. Sometimes you even use a glider to sour through the skies as you make your way through cliffs and mines, earning coins and collecting new boards on your journey downwards. 

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Release Date:

June 2020



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Shred Season

In Snow Time, it's you and your board against the mountain (and the occasional friendly neighborhood yeti - because why wouldn’t you put in a yeti when the opportunity arises).

This extreme sport lives up to its name because not only do you have to avoid rocks, cliffs and snowmen, you also have to dodge rampaging excavators and jump across glacial pits.

Board Champion

Of course, we would never let you go on such a dangerous survival trip without help (hey, come on - we really wouldn't). Using ingame coins, you’re able to choose upgrades such as your glider or coin magnet to really help you get that chill going.

Every board champion starts out as a jumpster, but somewhere along the way transcends into Bitmoji boarders and tricksters. With achievements, you have something to brag about and measure your growth towards greatness!

Alpine Fashion

Of course it's not only about getting down the mountain, it's about doing it with style. Therefore, you can choose between plenty of different boards to achieve that alpine street cred. 

Among the boards, you’ll find a standard Funday board to start cruising as well as a Flip the Egg board for those looking to do some eggstreme aerial acrobatics! If you are more the lazy kind of snowboarder who loves pizza (or cats), then the third board might just be right up your alley. 

Moving Mountains

The first thing we did in Snow Time was ditching the physics engine cause we were confident in our abilities to achieve what we wanted without it and then why take an unnecessary hit on performance and file size? To do collisions, we calculate bounding boxes around the objects and detect any intersections. Simple and elegant.

You will immediately earn 18 nerd points for thinking: "Then how does the snowboard move down the mountain?" Well, to be honest: It doesn't! It's the mountain that moves backwards like a conveyor belt while the snowboard remains centered in the scene. Combined, these techniques helped to keep things simple, flexible and perfectly timed.

"That's right, there are no physics in Snow Time at all. We were confident that we could achieve our vision without it, so why take an unnecessary hit on performance and file size? Instead, we built on our previous experience: when the snowboard moves left or right, it's following a curve that fits the half-pipe shape of the terrain. This is the same way the egg moves in the pan in "Flip the Egg"."

Peter Asmussen Hou, Game Programmer, Funday Factory

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