Play your way to a better relationship

SAMSPIL Quiz is a game that aims to strengthen upcoming and new parents' relationship and dialogue. 

SAMSPIL Quiz is a mobile game that helps parents to be as well as new parents play their way to better communication via humour, quizzes and rewards. SAMSPIL is all about helping couples (re)connect through a range of differently themed quizzes - all related to relationships, family life and parenthood.

SAMSPIL Quiz is a mobile game for phones and tablets (both iOS and Android) developed in close collaboration with Region Midt with funding from the Egmont Foundation. SAMSPIL Quiz is a quiz-game that helps new or parents to be to talk about all the things that a busy daily life might come in the way of. SAMSPIL does so by allowing partners to share knowledge about each other’s needs, attitudes, habits and desires.

Release Date:

January 2018


iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android
Only available in Denmark

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“My hope is that SAMSPIL can help set the scene for valuable dialogues between new parents - and maybe even help couples learn new things about themselves and each other”

Jette Ranum, Innovation consultant & midwife, project manager "Familiehåndværk på spil", Region Midtjylland

Creating a fun space for difficult topics

To play SAMSPIL, couples need to connect in the app using a code. When playing SAMSPIL, the app presents new parents with a line of questions about each other to pave the way for dialogue and conversation on their approach to being a family and raising a child. While playing, SAMSPIL also checks up on trivia knowledge, so if you don’t know how much it costs to raise a kid or which months holds the most marriages, you better get Googling. SAMSPIL contains a total of 15 differently themed quizzes that challenge and entertain partners. After each quiz, a winner is found who receives a prize - like getting to know what their partner fell in love with in the early days.

SAMSPIL Quiz offers a fun way to address otherwise sensitive topics like feelings, thoughts and dreams in regard to family life. The app builds on insights from a broad range of experts within parenthood such as midwives and couples therapists - as well as interviews with new parents and parents to be. From the beginning, it has been highly important to the production that SAMSPIL Quiz did not end up as a melancholic therapy session - but a light and fun space for couples to learn more about each other and their new roles as parents. To support this fun space, a lot of effort has gone into the visual style and tone to keep it humoristic and easily approachable.   

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Sales & Marketing Manager
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Development breakdown


Region Midt and the Egmont Foundation wanted a digital experience that helps parents to be as well as new parents and build stronger relationships in a fun and easily approachable way.


We kickstarted the process with a workshop where experts such as couples therapists, midwives, family counsellors and sexologists were invited to help find the right direction for the game. We also interviewed parents to be as well as new parents to get their view on challenges and needs when embarking upon a new family situation.

Based on a concept vision, we built a prototype and tested it on the target audience - and 8 months later, we launched SAMSPIL Quiz on App Store and Google Play.  


The result is a fun and simple game play, with a low entry barrier thereby making it easy to getting started. Despite the simple game play, SAMSPIL Quiz is heavy on content offering 15 different quizzes that invite couples to share and discuss needs, attitudes, habits and desires.

When playing SAMSPIL, partners are to answer a line of questions about each other which opens up for interesting dialogues. After each quiz, a winner is found and rewarded with a prize - like getting to know what their partner fell in love with in the early days or being praised for handling a specific situation with the child.

So if you are - or on your way to become - a parent or have small children, download SAMSPIL and play your way to a stronger relationship.