Hyper casual games for quick and social fun across platforms

Road Trip and Stack Three are highly compatible and engaging puzzle games developed for messaging platforms in a joint partnership with FRVR.

In close collaboration with HTML5 game publisher FRVR, we have developed two games: Road Trip and Stack Three. Both games fall within the category of HTML5 Instant Messaging Games which are fast-paced social games that can be enjoyed seamlessly across platforms like web browsers and messaging services such as Facebook Messenger.

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Road Trip and Stack Three are both puzzle games that increase in difficulty as you progress through levels and familiarise yourself with the game mechanics. In Road Trip, you take on the role as a road constructor who has to help a car get from A to B. To succeed, you need to construct a functional route by cutting down trees and avoiding houses and mountains. While Road Trip is a cosy and relaxed experience, Stack Three is a more fast-paced game that requires you to quickly match incoming smiley faces in different colors - requiring rapid thinking and precise actions. The goal is to match the colors in stacks of three (hence the name), which increases your score.

“FRVR have built a really interesting system for pushing games across new platforms and acquiring new users. HTML5 games provide a possibility for us to make cool play experiences in a well packaged format. That opens up new and exciting platform opportunities for our games - like messaging services”

Kristian Bang Nørgaard, CEO at Funday Factory

Casual games for casual users

In a digital world where every company is competing for users’ attention, time is becoming the all-important factor. The ways in which users consume media, entertainment and games are rapidly changing and more dynamic than ever. The development has sparked an interest in instant games that can be played directly in apps where users already spend their time - like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Telegram. This makes room in the games market for hyper casual games that are easy to play, has ultra short loading times and can be enjoyed in those few-minutes slots of time during the day.

Messaging platforms mark a new and exciting distribution channel for casual gaming with short loops of light entertainment. The games can literally be opened with a single click within the app you are already using which makes it faster and easier than ever to play and enjoy games. With Road Trip and Stack Three, Funday Factory and FRVR have aimed to make two fun and engaging games that meet today’s casual users on their preferred social platforms - giving them the possibility for easily accessible, quick and fun play sessions.

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Development breakdown


We teamed up with FRVR with the goal to create two small games for easy compatibility across platforms - meaning they would have to have a small build size and loading times below 8 seconds.


We dedicated a single team to do a big pile of digital prototypes where we tested core gameplay within different directions of HTML5 games such as racing, action and puzzles. With a short production scope, the process required lots of testing and fast, efficient iterations to reach our common goal. FRVR provided the technical framework for handling packaging and post-production maintenance, which were vital assets in the process.


Road Trip and Stack Three tick all of the boxes of the type of games that we set out to make with FRVR. They are hyper casual, snack-sized games that are very quick to play and have easily understandable gameplay mechanics. Both games have well-adapted learning curves so that the increase in difficulty matches the player’s abilities as they progress. With seamless transferability across platforms and very short loading times, the games also meet the technical objectives of good HTML5 Instant Games.


FRVR is a developer and publisher of HTML5 games. FRVR keep their games interesting and fun through a high quality technical framework that also enables them to successfully push their games to new markets and platforms - bringing content straight to the consumers, wherever they may be.

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