Pizza and cats for everybody!

PizzaCat is a simple concept that requires critical thinking and all ages can enjoy it

Our love for pizza and cats (winning combo, we know) form the foundation of our next game: Pizza Cat. This time, we are changing the pace from reaction-based action to puzzle solving with room to think. The task remains simple: Throw a pizza to feed the hungry cat. However, players are confronted with scenarios of increasing difficulty where both static and moving objects block the path to the cat. 

As the levels progress, coins will appear for bonus points and new obstacles will block the route between the pizza and the cat - requiring critical thinking to come into play. You need to become one with both your pizza and the cat if you want to climb the leaderboard!

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Release Date:

February 2020



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May the pizza be with you

You have one pizza in your end of the room and a slightly big lazy-looking cat on the other side. From here, it’s tap and hold on the pizza to drag it towards the bottom of the screen. You'll then see a white-dotted line appear showing the route the pizza will take towards the grumpy kittycat.

All that is left to do is to simply line up with the cat and release, causing the pizza to fly towards the cat.

A real mouthful

As players climb to higher levels, new obstacles appear between the pizza and the cat: Some might very well be static, but others will be moving and trying to ruin the cat's day! And then yours too. Nobody wants a hungry cat. 

However, if the cat gets its way, it will open up its huge mouth and eat the whole pizza in one go. It will get gradually more and more difficult to sate its hunger. Also because the cat might be sitting on an object that is moving as well. Roomba-cat-style you know. 

“PizzaCat was a super exciting project to be on. From an artist's perspective, one of the more complex parts was to make the cat open this huge mouth enough to actually be able to eat the pizza. To do this, I had to make versions of the cat both with a closed as well as an open mouth which allowed us to quickly swap between these depending on the pizza's proximity to the cat.”

Juan Garcia Lomena, Artist, Funday Factory

Weird and wonderful toppings

Weird and wonderful types of pizza are available to unlock with the currency earned as players clear each level. 

The selection of toppings vary from dead fish to dead rats or from the dreadful and highly debated pineapple to candy canes! Which will you choose?

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