Merge your way to a greater shape

Swipe to move and merge shapes together to progress, but think ahead or you might run out of moves

You can catch a breather in this Snap game, but your critical thinking is essential for you to climb the leaderboard. In this puzzle game, you need to think ahead, because every move counts and you might end up without having any moves left. To the sound of the cutest music track you’ve ever heard, you swipe to merge matching shapes with every merge bringing a new shape with it; e.g. two triangles becoming a square.

It might seem easy-to-learn, but it can be quite challenging to master if you want to stay at the top of the leaderboard and beat your friends.

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Release Date:

March 2020



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Colliding shapes

If two shapes of the same type collide, they will merge into a new and fancier one. This is the primary premise of Mergelings, but with every swipe a new shape appears on the grid, potentially leaving you with no more moves to make.

Luckily for you, there is a saving grace built into your merging arsenal. You have a bomb to remove shapes, a hand to remove one single shape, a wand to evolve a chosen shape and - last of all - a feature that allows you to swap two shapes.

The evolution of mergelings

The escalation of shapes feels new and fresh by offering a strong focus on characters instead of numbers. During an early brainstorm on theme ideas, multiple different shape progressions were discussed - like flowers. And cats. But ultimately, we stuck with the simple shapes as it gave us room for numerous escalation possibilities needed in the game.

However, if you ever merge enough shapes to unveil the  maximum step (the ultimate mergeling’s final form - cool, right?) a new set of shapes will be given as a reward. Are you up for the challenge?

"For Mergelings we focused a lot on making it satisfying to merge the shapes together. It was a lot of fun adding more and more subtle effects and fine-tune it to make it feel as juciy as possible."

Christian Thomsen, Game Programmer, Funday Factory

A project with Typescript

The Snapchat games are HTML5 games created with the PlayCanvas engine. PlayCanvas is capable of both 2D and 3D and can produce much more lightweight HTML5 applications than Unity for example.

Typescript adds types to JS and makes it easier to catch errors while compiling instead of doing so at runtime. Using Typescript also allowed us to move out of PlayCanvas's online editor and move our code offline with our IDE of choice and source control which makes it much more pleasent to work with.

"Mergelings was also the first Snapchat project we did in Typescript. The PlayCanvas engine we use only supports javascript written directly in the online editor, so we built a small pipeline that lets us have our code offline, compile it to JS and upload it automatically in the editor. We can then use IDE features, npm packages and write in Typescript which was super nice."

Christian Thomsen, Game Programmer, Funday Factory

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