Keep jumping to stay alive!

You will need crucial timing and correctly paced taps to not get your feet wet - and while it might not be lava below you, we wouldn't suggest taking a dive

It's time to tie your shoelaces and start warming up because once you leave the starting ramp, there's no going back! With simple yet effective tap mechanics you jump from island to island - but watch out for everything between hungry sharks, ferocious eagles, angry octopuses and ... is that fire-shooting totem poles?

Yes, unfortunately (for you) it is! Timing is crucial in this jumping game with fast game loops as you try to get as far as possible with every run. But don't worry - as always, we have special upgrades and power-ups to assist you along the way. 

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Release Date:

October 2020



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Timing is crucial

In this game, you constantly have to make small micro-choices that can prove to be fatal. It's not just about spamming that jump, but instead whether to stand still and wait a bit or to chain a quick series of jumps.

And such a chain would have to be perfectly calculated to both avoid fireballs, rotating boxing arms, torpedoing sharks and jumping octopuses. 

Always on the move

Even though you’re supposed to hold your breath and calculate your next move from time to time, we didn't say you could catch a break. Depending on the platform you are standing on, snoozing for too long could be a big mistake.

While on the stone platforms, a giant eagle will be looking for you - and it might just catch you if you stand still long enough (so when the exclamation mark pops up, it really is time to JUMP). Also, the seemingly levitating pool floats can't really withstand your weight for very long ... and remember that taking a dive equals taking a fatal hit. 

"When the game transformed from "the floor is lava" to the island jumper concept, a lot of the new threats became these ferocious animals trying to get the player. We have eagles flying down to snatch him, sharks trying to get a bite of him, octopuses attempting to grapple him and - at some point - we even had planned for crocodiles to emerge from the depths below him. It all followed this concept of "never standing still for too long" and "always on the move"."

Juan, Artist, Funday Factory

Upgrades for days

If you thought Snow Time was a dangerous survival trip, we can see how Island Jump might seem frightening - the whole ocean is literally out to get you in this one.

However, it is possible throughout the game to upgrade elements to help you progress even further. Things such as the starting point that lets you skip further ahead to begin with, the rocket to send you soaring through the sky (which is always a nice break, and the wooden shield to keep you protected. 

Prototyping Island Jump

To the left is a video of the original prototype back when it was more "the floor is lava" concept. Even though it has changed a bit, it's still about that classical pretend game every child knows. And watching your Bitmoji being the one to jump the islands and avoid danger just makes it a bit more immersive! And hey ... it might not be lava, but proceed far enough and suddenly there are kraken-like tentacles running up alongside the platforms. Don't let that get to your nerves. Just skip ahead.

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