Flip-streak on a slippery frying pan!

In Flip the Egg, you climb the leaderboard by flipping an egg on a sizzling frying pan while performing tap'n'hold stunts in the air. It's all about balancing big points with the risk of splattering out.

Funday Factory’s first outing as a Snapchat partner stars a fried egg. In Flip the Egg, players climb the leaderboard by performing daring stunts in the air, trying to balance big points with the risk of falling face (yes, the egg literally has a face) down on the slippery frying pan. Simple one-finger tap'n'hold commands open up the experience to players of all skill levels with millions of Snapchat users currently competing.

As progress is made, differently themed eggs become available such as the Music or Kitty Eggon - free to be shared with friends around the globe.

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Custom eggs



Release Date:

January 2020



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Flip your way to glory

It is an egg-flipping game about performing as many acrobatic flips as possible in a pan to collect coins. A successful landing will yield momentum which leads to higher jumps - higher jumps mean more airtime which enables more flips! The higher the flip-streak, the higher the score multiplier. Simple, yet challenging.

The controls are intuitive, flipping an egg is funny, the overall goal is easy to understand and the leaderboard enables light competition between friends. 

Eggstra Touch

In this game, you get to play as your Bitmoji making egg acrobatic stunts! A Bitmoji is your own personal emoji representing you all around Snapchat. 

Your Bitmoji is brought to life in Flip the Egg and together with your chosen Eggon, it brings an eggstra touch to the gameplay! 

Easter Update

With the awesome Easter update came a new special Eggon hidden secretly within the game! Will you be the one to find it before your friends? 

Furthermore, a collection mechanic was also added! A sticker album of 6 unique shareable Easter stickers can also be found by playing the core game. So now you are all set to show your leaderboard as well as new collection to your friends.

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