Return life to the world

Join in on this stress-free social hangout and enjoy the zen experience of coloring by numbers together with your friends!

It's all about bringing back the colors in this one, and you are not alone in this relaxing meditative experience cause you are urged to bring your friends along for the colorful journey. Together you turn the world from grayscale to color, returning life to the world. 

Choose between many funny images and color them in, unlocking new backgrounds, colors, patterns and themes along the way! In fact, you can color in by using the numbers provided by the game - or get creative and decide completely for yourself! Everything goes in Color Together. 

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Release Date:

March 2021



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Social hangout

Even the serene soundtrack of Color Together is a zen experience in itself and meant to help ease you and your friends into this stress-free social experience. When coloring together, you and your friends can jump freely between the numbered line art at your own pace. 

The journey is supposed to be relaxing and meditative as you color in by using the numbers or decide to go your completely own path! No matter what, you are about to create YOUR artistic manifesto of perfection. 

Everything goes

Whether you are a creative completionist or a relaxed socializer, Color Together has something for you to dive into. With a diverse palette of every theme thinkable from food to animals and star signs to street art, we promise you will find just the painting for you. 

There are also hidden rare paintings to unlock as you start filling the world with colors, as well as unique patterns to paint with alongside all the different color choices. 

"Fun thing of Color Together is also that when testing, it was fun to see what crazy pictures you could end up making with the different choices of colors."

Nikolaj, Programmer, Funday Factory

Incentivizing social interaction

You and your friends can either paint in different line art or coordinate your thoughts step by step. 

To avoid the game becoming a hectic game of “controlling the colour space” we ensured that only one player can change the colour of a given number at a time. On top of this, each painting contains hidden stickers. So if one player finds a sticker, everyone working on the same painting gets a reward too.

At the end of each round, you’ll have to decide which painting to draw on next. For this we take all the unlocked images you and your friends have unlocked together as a group, and allow all of you to vote on your favorite.

"One of the challenges with Color Together was working in multiple layers of canvasses and diffrent types of code, this was so we could select parts of svgs and draw them run time. After setting up the layers the challenge was controlling the communication between them and find the different errors that could pop up between the layers."

Nikolaj, Programmer, Funday Factory

Putting social first throughout development

To build a collaborative and non-competitive color-by-numbers game we introduce the concept of a "color owner". Solving how to have more players paint at the same time (and possibly in the same line art) was definitely a challenge! In the end, the "color owner" (being the first one to jump into that specific line art) has the final say. 

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