Highly explosive, futuristic jungle battle!

Bullet League combines the classic simplicity of a good 2D platformer with an epic Battle Royale experience designed for mobile.

In a futuristic world where all sorts of weird creatures and characters exist, there is one exotic island where the strangest of all battle it out for victory.

Bullet League is an organised tournament that pits 32 contestants against each other on a mystical island filled with ancient ruins and wild jungle territory. Every fighter must fend for him or herself, exploring the uncharted island, gathering resources and finding weaponry provided by the tournament to prepare for their next encounter. Hiding can be a useful strategy but sooner than later, a deadly grid imposes to reduce the field of battle and force the contestants upon each other. It’s all or nothing. There can only be one winner.

Release Date:

March 2020


iOS & Android

Regular Price:

Free with in-app purchases

Skill-based Multiplayer

Bullet League takes the beauty of a simple 2D platformer and combines it with action-packed gunplay in a dramatic scenery. The result is a fast-paced Battle Royale experience developed specifically for mobile platforms - making it an excellent option for anyone looking for a good competitive multiplayer game on their phone or tablet. Controls are easy to learn but hard to master, which is a key characteristic for any good multiplayer game.

The Battle Royale genre is extremely interesting from both a game design and a market development point-of-view, which is why we wanted to do our own unique take on the genre and fully optimise the experience for all the mobile game players out there.

First independent IP

With a crucial investment from CAPNOVA, we've been able to develop and produce an engaging and visually powerful multiplayer game in only 10 months. The launch of Bullet League is our very first independent IP, and we are exceptionally happy and proud to finally be able to show off the game to the world. 

Bullet League is still in development, but available through Early Access on Android and iOS in UK and Australia as part of the soft launch. Download links can be found to the right of this article, and please feel free to share your thoughts on the game on our Discord or Twitter to help us make it even better.

“The investment we’ve received from CAPNOVA has been crucial to our ambitions of developing and publishing Bullet League for mobile platforms. We believe that realtime multiplayer games is the way to go on mobile, and we have high hopes that Bullet League will be a big success.”

Kristian Bang Nørgaard, CEO, Funday Factory

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