The water slide hit returns

Race your friends to the end of the water slide and try to be the first to take a deep dive, but watch out for players bumping into you!

1-2-3 let's go! This is a race and if you want to be the one standing on top at the end, you got to be ready to bring that a-game of yours. Don't be the one who thinks the victory is ripe for the taking just to have it stolen right in front of you. If you want that trophy, you have to play by your own rules!

Feel free to bump into your friends a little (come on - we know you want to) to improve your chances! But if you really want to bring the pain, take a leap of faith and slide off the side. It's either a shortcut to glory or an early grave (OK. An early swim in the sunny ocean, but that doesn’t sound so dramatic, right?). 

Aquapark is developed by Funday Factory and is the Snapchat version of the original Aquapark developed by Cassette, both published by Voodoo

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Release Date:

November 2020



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A bumpy ride

It's not just about reaching the end - nah, if you want the water slide street cred, it's about style! So go have fun, do your crazy moves and don't mind if you bump the other players a little. Let's be real here, the best part is seeing them go off the slide.

However, nothing beats going off the edge! To soar through the skies for just a moment or two and then appear in front of your friends with a big splash. So if you dare, get a good grasp on that float and go for that deep dive.

Race your friends

This colorful water slide game can really get you to kick back and chill, while a few moments later having you on the edge of your seat wanting to beat your friends! Afterall, it’s rewarding to see your Bitmoji celebrating at the podium. 

With environments ranging from japanese gardens, city landscape and mountain sides to desert pyramids and sunny beaches, Aquapark is buzzing with a vacation-like vibe - can you feel it?

"It has been a great experience partnering up with Funday Factory and being able to bring Aquapark to Snap Games. It has been a creative, communicative and structured game production, but first of all it has been fun. One of our biggest challenges was to make the physics seem realistic when players bumped into each other - but we are proud of the technical solutions brought to the table."

Alexander, Senior Manager, Voodoo

Get new floats

Another way to get that water slide street cred going strong is to rock the coolest float in the whole park! Think big - why not a castle, unicorn or perhaps an avocado? 

Some of these floats, you can obtain through the ingame coin system, other special ones can only be collected after completing a specific challenge such as sending 20 gifts or finishing 100 races (and yeah - you can send gifts to your friends). You can also acquire revives throughout the game which you will need for that extra shot at glory when things get rough.

"One issue we faced is that player positions are often off and need to be corrected since you can't predict how a user moves his finger. The input has to travel from phone to server to other clients before it can be received and the prediction can be corrected. It's not a big problem when you're just racing each other that positions are slightly off, however a big part of the original Aquapark is that you can collide and bump the other players. This created much higher demands for the prediction and keeping the server/client completely in sync."

Christian, Game Programmer, Funday Factory

The development process

We started out creating simple prototype of a player moving down a slide. When we roughly captured the original feel, we ported the same game code to GO so we could run it server side.

We wanted the game to be server authoritive meaning we simulate the game on the server, and periodically broadcast the game state (positions/speeds etc.) out to the clients.

Due to latency the game states arrive later at each client, so each client run their own simulation to predict what happens in the time between receiving game states from the server.

When a game state is received the client smoothly corrects their positions to the server ground truth. So the client and the server physics simulations has to be kept as in-sync as possible which was definitely a challenge.

We ended up creating a rollback system, so when a client receives a game state he rolls back X frames and re-simulates them. If he ends up at a different position we smoothly move him towards the new position over a couple of frames.

During development, Cassette played the builds with our development team to provide feedback and balance staying true to the original, while also adjusting and introducing new systems to make it work in a real-time multiplayer setting.

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