Co-Loading Concept

Discover your opportunities of branded games through our Co-Loading Concept

Are you considering entering the digital field with your own branded game?
From experience, we know that it can be a bit tricky to imagine both visually and practically how a game can strengthen your business. In order to show you how your company and brand can benefit from expanding your product portfolio digitally, we’ve developed the Co-Loading Concept.

What is Co-Loading Concept?
Co-Loading Concept is all about making your possibilities clear. In a close strategic partnership, we unfold your opportunities – and leave the choice of the end result up to you.

We offer three packages: The first provides you with an overall game concept, the second visualises the experience design, and the third is a complete solution in which a digital prototype on selected game scenes are produced.

No strings attached
We love the idea of strategic discussions – and we offer the Co-Loading Concept without any strings attached. The Co-Loading Concept is, however, a great foundation for further collaboration, and we feel confident that we’d take care of the production phase like no other.