Combining TV broadcasting and mobile platforms

Funday Factory has yet again joined forces with TV2 and developed an app that allows you to enjoy the magical fun of this year’s Christmas calendar on your phone or tablet.

When we flip the calendar to December 1st 2015, the air fills with magic as TV2’s Christmas calendar, Juleønsket, begins. Juleønsket is about 12 year-old Julie who wants to celebrate Christmas with her family – a plan that is about to moulder as both her parents have to work. However, Julie’s wish is heard by angels, and suddenly Julie and the angel apprentice Rafi find themselves in the middle of an extraordinary adventure of angels, demons, an ancient family secret and the fight between good and evil.

Release Date:

October 2015


iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android
No longer available for download

Regular Price:


Watch the game play trailer

Play and become an Angel

With the app at hand, you become a flying angel yourself and swoop through hoops by tilting the device in the right direction. Every day from the 1st till the 24th of December, you will receive a question about Juleønsket that is to be answered when flying in the app. To make sure your flying skills are up to date, you can download the app now and get some practice done.  

...You become a flying angel yourself and swoop through hoops by tilting the device in the right direction!

The Juleønsket app further allows you to:

  • Fly like an angel
  • Get your own wings and send a Christmas video greeting to someone dear
  • Get a sneak peak of today’s episode of Juleønsket
  • Read more about the characters and dive deeper into the world of Juleønsket

The app works without the physical calendar, but you will need it to access the full set of features.

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Sales & Marketing Manager
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