Funday Factory revives Axe in Face for Hugo Games

Funday Factory has brought back a genuine game treasure for Hugo Games! Axe in Face has returned in a new and updated version - and why change what’s already perfect (or very much spot on to say the least)? Axe in Face 2 is the title of the upgraded version of the successful viking slaughter game from 2011.

Funday Factory’s task was to revive Red Beard and his entourage for more epic battles in defence of the daffodils. In 2011, our colleague, CTO & Lead Game Programmer, Glen Würtz Christiansen gave life to the brutally honest game Axe in Face and it became a vibrant hit.

Axe in Face mastered the fine balance of simplicity and interchanging gameplay – a recipe that was reused for the upgrade. In the game development process of Axe in Face 2, Funday Factory stayed true to the original format, but fine-tuned and improved bits and pieces. Axe in Face 2 offers new levels, striking graphics and much more.

Release Date:

February 2016


iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android

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"Axe in Face is easy to learn and play, featuring innovative line-drawing gameplay, beautifully animated graphics, challenging levels and extremely creative enemies."

Watch Red Beard use his Powerful Powers

In the new version of Axe in Face, Red Beard travels around visiting and nursing the love of his life. Yes, the flowers. Thoughtless and brute Vikings march through his flowerbeds leaving them all messed up. Infuriating and unforgivable of course, Red Beard must stop this madness by using explosive axeplosions or his very powerful powers. A successful defence of the flowerbeds results in rewards that can be spent on new powers, axe upgrades or even new characters like Ultimate Ulrik or Savage Sigmund.

It takes Skill and Practice

Axe in Face takes a bit of skill and practice and a minimum of 90 seconds available to complete a level. As you proceed in the game, the levels get a bit trickier each time. The app is developed for a target group with a minimum age of 15 and those with a slight sense of humour (viking slaughter and the like taken into consideration).     

Axe in Face allows you to:

- Use powerful powers to behead rude Vikings
- Challenge yourself in levels that become more and more difficult
- Live out a passion for aggressive gardening
- Swing your axe to protect your flowerbeds
... and relive the magic from 2011!  

"Let your axe meet some faces!"

Development Breakdown


Alongside Hugo Games, Funday Factory's task was to bring back Axe in Face in a volume 2 edition of the classic game from 2011. 


When developing Axe in Face 2, the challenge was to stay true to the original while offering users an updated and fine-tuned experience.   


Just as the original, Axe in Face 2 masters the fine balance of simplicity and interchanging gameplay - but wrapped up in an extended gameplay with striking graphics. 

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