Good energy always wins

Back in March, Cult asked us to participate in their interview series “Good energy always wins”. The series is about entrepreneurs and we were more than delighted to share the story of Funday Factory! Founded in 2011 by CCO Anders Leicht Rohde and partner Max Nielsen, Funday has been through a whole lot. Starting out as a one-man company to now being a buzzing two-floor 40-man company has brought along a lot of exciting challenges in our 8 years - but we’ve always insisted on keeping and nurturing the culture that makes Funday Funday.

The video turned out great (check it out below) and made us want to share more about the Funday culture that is so very important to the people that make up the games studio.

There’s a big difference from being 4 people where everyone knows everything at all times to managing a 40 people company, but it has been crucial to Anders to keep the Funday spirit as it was in the early days:

“It has been interesting to see how Funday has changed from being about me, my needs and my dreams - to sharing that vision and dream with my team, and it’s somewhere in that journey it becomes really interesting to look at how we maintain our culture and the way we do things,”

Anders Leicht Rohde, CCO & Founder, Funday Factory

Transparency FTW

One of the things that strongly characterises Funday is our level of transparency - both bottom-up and top-down - as we truly believe that honesty is the best policy. It’s hard work keeping up the same level of transparency as if we were still only 4 people knowing every inch about what is going on, and it is something we will keep working on and improving for every new Funday’er that joins the factory.

From weekly morning meetings and internal newsletters to quarterly town hall gatherings and daily talks by the water cooler (or the hardworking coffee machine), we try to keep everyone’s fingers on the Funday pulse.

Funday culture

Ambitions and humbleness sitting in a tree

In the interview, Anders talks about what his advice would be to anyone wanting to start up their own company, and he says: “Team up with someone who is better than you - and have different skills than you. Because you can’t do everything yourself and nor should you”

Since day one, we have lived by that philosophy and encourage anyone in Funday to be humble, learn from others and ask how they go about obstacles and tasks - and it goes for both our designers, artists, programmers, managers, HR and marketing.

We are also fully aware of the fact that the world of games and technology is evolving at a rapid pace. And so will we. By staying curious every day, we always strive to learn more, broaden our horizon, improve our skills and share the knowledge we possess. Only in that way can we try to achieve our ambitions of thinking big and becoming one of the best games studios out there.

Ambitions and humbleness at Funday Factory

Have fun to make fun

Aside from transparency and passion, there is one thing that is simply essential to us: We believe it takes fun to make fun. That’s why we value sharing daily laughs with each other, partners and clients alike. And it’s part of what makes us able to create epic and engaging games.

Now you’re probably thinking: “Well that sounds nice and all, but how do you actually do this?” - and we’re glad you asked. We try to emphasise fun in many ways. First of all, we make games for a living. That’s fun. We also test our games together, go to weekly guilds to play and we probably do have one of the strongest gif-games Slack has ever seen. We also make sure to spend time together even when we don’t have to. We have monthly Friday Bars and annual Christmas parties, we go to the hip and funky Northside festival each year and listen to great music - and we support a variety of internal clubs to support team spirit across projects and everyday life.

All in all, we try to make Funday an awesome place to work and to uphold the mission Anders had when embarking upon the Funday Factory adventure:

“My dream was to create a workplace that would make Mondays seem like Fridays and everything in between a fun ride with exciting projects and awesome people”

Anders Leicht Rohde, Founder & CCO


Published: June 3rd, 2019