Insights, inspiration and networking with kids as the cornerstone

Digital Kids Today 2019 Funday Factory

More than 140 people from different industries with a shared interest in kids as digital consumers attended the conference Digital Kids Today 2019.

For the third year in a row Studio 2 in Filmbyen in Aarhus created the venue for an interesting and insightful day with room for discussions and networking across the creative industries present.

The conference themes Bridging digital & physical and monetising brands offered new ways of looking upon engaging kids and parents in play and the importance of social and emotional learning. The conference also touched upon co-creating with with kids and Designing for Children's Rights and on a more practical level how to design IP's suitable for various media formats. 

Digital Kids Today is the result of a great partnership between Filmby Aarhus and Funday Factory, and over the years the conference has developed from being half a day conference with an audience of 50 people to a full day conference with great international contribution and participation. This has made the conference a great place to meet potential partners, clients and potential employees, which calls for dedicated time for networking.

We hope everyone who attended brought back new insight, inspiration and an interest towards or from potential partners.

Talks and highlight videos

In case you missed out on Digital Kids Today 2019 or would like to refresh your memory you can find full recordings of selected talks and highlight videos here:

Highlight video: An integrated IP approach to engaging kids

Cephas Howard, Chief Play Officer at Play.Institute sums up his talk about IP development and the main challenges in creating IP's that engage kids across the digital and physical worlds.

Cephas has spent most of his carrier focusing on innovating and designing play experiences for kids. He has previously worked as Innovation Director for Digital Play at the LEGO Company. He has been Creative Director and been involved in the development of LEGO WORLDS, LEGO LIFE and LEGO GAMES.

His skills are many from digital games designer, Toy designer, Board game designer, Graphic
designer and Character designer to Marketing, Advertising, Editorial (book, magazine and
newspaper design), Copy writing, Branding, Story Writer, Author, Illustrator and UI/UX

Highlight video: Why not co-create the solution?

Thomas Aakjær Jensen and Louise Fenger Kornum are both Playful Minds from the Capital of Children in Billund. Don’t be mistaken, their bodies may look like adults, but their minds are still playful like children's.

They have all the education and professional experience you can possibly get, but it really doesn’t matter – especially not to children. What matters is getting children’s perspective into your business, and this is what they excel at - to the benefit of you and the child(ren).

In the video Thomas, Head of Innovation at CoC Playful Minds, shares his thoughts on what digital brands that focus on kids can learn from co-creating with their audience?

“Kids are fun to work with because… Which other job allows you to simultaneously floss, talk about slime and genuinely feel as if you have a chance to make the world a better place by making it better for its youngest?”

Jelena Stosic, Head of Insight at Kids Industries

View the talk:
Digital and physical beyond the initial WOW!

Jelena is the Head of Insight at Kids Industries, a full-service agency focused on engaging children and families.

For nearly ten years, she has used research as a tool to craft strategies for family propositions, with the briefs she is solving ranging from getting children inspired by the natural world through a physical-digital product, to deciphering fandom for a young adults publishing brand to defining the global monetising strategy for a range of the biggest entertainment IP.

In this session Jelena shares learnings from multiple rounds of testing and co-creating with children, discovered as her team worked on developing a range of products connecting physical and digital worlds. She discusses if digital innovation such as AR can deliver true synergy with content or if it is there just to impress?

Jelena is a wonderful presenter and you can enjoy the insightful and inspiring full recorded talk below:

Highlight video: Designing for Children's Rights

Often, the ethical decisions lie with the designers, but they need methods and better arguments towards their stakeholders on why doing the right stuff is also good for business and a must to stay relevant.

With a background as kindergarten teacher and computer games designer, Casper Mathiesen has been all the way through positions like puppeteer, script writer for TV, PR consultant, advertising consultant, digital producer, experience manager at LEGO, lead designer and innovation consultant at Designit to now being an independent designer as well as part time play designer & partner at MODU and Founder & Board Member of the Designing for Children's Rights Association.

Learn why and how you should contribute to Designing for Children's Rights.

View the talk: 
Beyond ABC and 1,2,3

Paulina Olsson, Co-Founder and CEO of Peppy Pals is a young, inspiring entrepreneur with a strong vision to change the educational system for children to go beyond ABC and 123 and focus on the whole child.

Enjoy her on stage in an honest and inspiring talk about the decisions, pivots and challenges that transformed the Swedish children’s app developer into the leading creator of playful and digital experiences for lifelong, social and emotional learning.

View the full talk here:


“Kids are fun to work with because… They are the purest form of joy and silliness combined – and more often than not amaze me with how smart and creative they are.”

Paulina Olsson, CEO & Co-Founder of Peppy Pals

Highlight video: Tips & tricks when designing games for kids and thoughts about the platform CN Arcade

Joel Nelson heads Game Developer Relations at Cartoon Network where he identifies, develops and maintains business relationships and strategic agreements across CN's game publishing, production and distribution business.

Brad Merritt has with his 15+ years at Cartoon Network, developed dozens of games in a variety of roles such as programmer, game designer, and studio director. As a design director, he’s collaborated with internal and external teams on hundreds of web, mobile, and console games.

Now they talk about missteps when designing games for kids and what challenges and possibilities they see for the recently launched platform CN Arcade.

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