The investment company CAPNOVA has invested millions in our newest game - Bullet League

“Receiving the investment from CAPNOVA has been essential to the development of our very first large independent production,” CEO Kristian Bang Nørgaard says. Over the past years, Funday has developed multiple mobile games meant to promote and brand companies and products - but with the investment from CAPNOVA, our goal to develop independent game productions has been boosted.

Anders Leicht Rohde, Funday Factory

“The investment we’ve received from CAPNOVA is crucial to making it possible for us to develop and publish an ambitious game independent of external partners. It’s investments such as this one that can increase the production level in Danish games studios and accelerate companies like us into the vastly growing international games market,” says Kristian Bang Nørgaard.

Independent game productions can be more financially risky, but they also bring with them a creative liberty that leads to more innovative and successful products, Kristian explains. Innovation is also in the spotlight with Investment Manager Allan Rasmussen from CAPNOVA who has great faith in the upcoming game.

“In CAPNOVA, we’re super excited to have been given the opportunity to invest in Funday Factory’s Bullet League project which is an exciting combination of an experienced and dynamic development team and an innovative game concept. We have high hopes that Bullet League will develop into a commercial success,"

Allan Rasmussen, Investment Manager, CAPNOVA

CAPNOVA has previously invested in Danish games like INSIDE from Copenhagen based Playdead and Subway Surfers developed in a collaboration between Kiloo and SYBO Games. Both games that have obtained massive international success. In the future, similar investments will have to come from elsewhere. CAPNOVA is among the innovation companies that will be phased out as a result of the reform made towards the promotion of trade. From now on, the responsibility for this kind of investment will be places with The Danish Growth Fund or Innovation Fund Denmark.

Published: February 15th, 2019

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