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Join the conference Appconomy on June 13th

How do you choose the right monetisation strategy and just as important how do you go about the life cycle of apps?

Mobile apps have created new fortunes and changed the way business is done. With more than 3.4 billion smartphone owners worldwide, 175 billion app downloads last year alone* and a global app revenue of more than $71 billion in 2018*, the mobile market is a force to be reckoned with - and games in particular as they account for 75% of all app store spending*.

The conference Appconomy sheds light on user behaviour, eco-systems and monetisation strategies known from games with the purpose of discussing WHAT does & doesn’t work, WHY that is and HOW other mobile services and apps in general might benefit from game mechanics and alike to strengthen revenue streams.

To present us with insights & data (and break it to pieces), we have invited Fraser MacInnes from Scopely, Danielle Cohen from IronSource and Phillip Black from EA Games.

Details about Appconomy

Date: June 13th, from 8.30am - 1pm 

Venue: Heimat studio, Vestergade 49, Aarhus Denmark

Cost: 1,950 DKK ex VAT pr ticket
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Welcome to Appconomy


Ad Monetization Best Practices
Danielle Cohen, ironSource


Do-it-all or Modularity for Growth?
Phillip Black, EA Games


Short break


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Sum up, lunch & networking


Ad Monetization Best Practices

Meet Danielle Cohen from ironSource who will talk about monetisation strategies, mediation in a nutshell, ad units analysis such as rewarded videos, interstitials, offerwalls & banners: All with the purpose of understanding how to generate and maximise revenues from your game.

Do-it-all or Modularity for Growth?

As growth stalls developers turn to adding more features or refining the core experience. How should developers know which path is appropriate at which time in an app's life cycle? Research from a Nobel Prize winning economist give us clues.