Why we re-designed Ordheltene (Heroes of Words) after six months

A desire to constantly improve the game experience and educational results have led to a significant re-design of the play experience of the educational game Ordheltene.

In October 2017 Progression Park launched their first game Ordheltene. A game which helps dyslexic children strengthen their reading skills. After having been on the market for nearly six months, it became clear to Progression Park that the game design’s adaption to the user’s abilities and skills got lost in the child’s lack of focus and content selection.

There were some overall things that needed to be improved to ensure a positive play experience and a strong learning experience. 

In close collaboration, Progression Park and Funday Factory came to the conclusion that there was a need for a new database structure and a new interface. With a starting point in motivational psychological design and a new way of grouping the game’s many missions, we believe that we have created a better foundation for the child to solve the different tasks.

Release Date:

October 2017 - updated October 2018


iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android
Only available in Denmark

Regular Price:

Premium - paid

Motivation is everything

When targeting children who find it difficult to read, it is essential to create a positive play experience. Further, we wanted the game to build on motivational progression patterns to ensure the long-term engagement, which is needed to grasp the reading strategies. 

To further help the child's motivation and commitment to learning, Progression Park has shaped a concept that moves beyond the digital play experience by developing their own set of physical materials that can be used by professionals in schools.

The new update was released in October, 2018.


Ordheltene in short

Ordheltene (Heroes of Words) is an educational game developed to help dyslexic children improve their reading skills. The core game-play is centred around three main characters – our heroes – who live in the wood of words! The wonderful wood of words and its charming creatures are being threatened by evil magic which transforms the creatures into smelly monsters. The only way to save the creatures from a horrible destiny is by solving different word tasks. Therefore, our three heroes call for help. They can only solve the challenges with help from the children playing.


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