A marketing intern, an animator, a data analyst and a UI artist walk into a mobile game company... It may sound like the beginning of a bad joke, but in fact it is the beginning of new exciting prospects at Funday Factory.

In August, we have added no less than four new faces to the family portrait of Funday Factory. Jeppe, Evgeni, Maja and John bring new qualities, skills and ideas that will be a big contribution to the on-going projects and everyday life in our offices. Let’s meet them one by one.



Jeppe Ank Jørgensen joins our marketing and communications team on an internship. Jeppe is studying for a Master’s degree in Media Sciences and has experience within journalism as well. He will help us with the business and branding side of things - writing interesting blog posts, planning out partner events and improving on our different media channels.

Evgeni Valentinov Hristov is our new 3D animator and will help us with the animations for an upcoming, and exciting, game project. Evgeni has broad experience from both Bulgaria and Denmark with 3D character animation and CGI (Computer-generated imagery). He has worked on both games and animated films and we are looking forward to seeing his amazing animation skills in action.



Maja From Andersen joins Funday Factory as a data analyst, which means that she will help us update and streamline our games through her insights and experience with data sets. Maja has a degree in Cognitive Science, so she definitely knows a thing or two about data - and brains!

John Muller is a South African illustrator who will serve as our UI artist on a yet-to-be-disclosed project. John is trained at The Animation Workshop in Viborg and has experience from both LEGO Group and Trigger Global. He has impressive artistic skills that will definitely come into great use when giving our upcoming game just the right look and feel.

Wondering what is up with the weird pictures? That is what happens when you ask the Funday family to "do something fun" with the photos of the new guys...

Published: 31/08/2018

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