See the four award winning toys of 2018

Having been part of the development of last year's Toy of The Year for School kids, one of our todos this year was to check out the Award Winning Toy and Trend gallery. In the following overview, we give you an introduction to this year's Spielwarenmesse's four award winning toys.

Toy of the year

A ten-member jury – including market researchers, educators, international sales agents and a toy safety expert – selected the four ToyAward winners from 643 entries. Each ToyAward winner represents a category defined by age of the target audience, and let’s just say that it was four rather different and quirky toys that won this year.

Baby and Infant

For the Baby and Infant category, the winner was Haba’s Car Park-Play track. A quality wooden car park with a helicopter landing pad and a fun car wash.


In the preschool category, we met the cute chameleon Robo with big wide eyes, destined to win over the hearts of all pre-school children.

Robo Chameleon can be remote controlled to move across the child’s room. By a touch of a button, it quickly unrolls its long tongue covered in magnets and then it snaps the metal food items only to disappear in its mouth again.


The winner of the Schoolkids category invites the child to play in a great world of science. Pepper Mint and the Treehouse Adventure developed by Franckh-Kosmos takes the child on a journey into an adventurous treehouse which functions as a testing station for several technical and scientific phenomenons. The concept won over the jury because: “The experimentation set gives girls access to the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) – beyond clichés and pink worlds of glitter.”

Teenagers and Adults

The Teenager and Adults category was won by Volkswagen and their T1 Samba mini bus, a super realistic remote-controlled miniature version of the actual bus.

The steering for the VW T1 Samba is sensitive so that even manoeuvring   a highly realistic experience

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