LYNfabrikken launches a Box Exhibition that invites passersby to engage in an interactive exhibition


On Friday the 13th of October 2017, LYNfabrikken in collaboration with Funday Factory and LEGO open the door to an exhibition showcasing an interactive ball contraption. The exhibition goes under the name Remember to Play and takes place behind big windows in LYNfabrikken’s Box.

One might think that that would leave passersby only to watch the exhibition - but that is far from the case. The ball contraption, built with LEGO-bricks, uses a lot of sensors and smart devices making it possible for passersby to interact with the contraption creating a playful experience.

The purpose of the Box Exhibition is to remind people to take a break from their everyday lives and remember to play. Through this playful experience, LEGO, Funday Factory and LYNfabrikken aim at emphasising that play is for everyone - from children to adults.

How does it work?

During the interaction, passersby will experience both audio and visual effects such as light, colour and video which act as a kick-start for the playful experience. Passersby are encouraged to activate sensors by placing their hands on window stickers to give instructions to the ball contraption. The ultimate goal is to guide the ball to the finishing point and passersby will then receive a reward.

Instructing the ball contraption symbolises the process of coding in a simple way. Passersby get the chance to try out something technical and complicated through the playful interactive ball contraption with simple sensors and stickers. Consequently, passersby will get an impression of achievement by having power over the machine through simple steps.

The exhibition offers a fun, different and inspiring play experience in the middle of Aarhus, and we invite everyone to take a break from their busy everyday life and come play.

“It has been a fun and challenging task to build the ball contraption. Challenging because we had to built a contraption which on one hand is so intriguing that it attracts the attention of the passers-by and invites them to play while being technically simple enough to secure a stable play experience”

Jan Ebbesen Smed, Event Manager Byggepladen

Facts about the cooperation regarding the exhibition:

The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between LYNfabrikken, LEGO, LEGO AFOL’s (Adult Fans of LEGO) and Funday Factory. The Box Exhibition will be launched on Friday 13th of October and is open for play until the end of 2017. The Box Exhibition is located in Vestergade in Aarhus.

Come play with us

We invite you to come play with us and will be happy to show you the exhibition. Please reach out to the owner of LYNfabrikken Jeppe Vedel or Tine Kærgaard Knudsen to set up a meeting.